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Podcast: Rolling around town in the Caddy Wagon

Ritchey, K9 Raider and Cadillac Jack are back out recording live from the Caddy Wagon on today’s episode.

Here are a few things you’ll here in the show: 

- The importance of fingerprint scanners and a recent incident where Ritchey had to use one. 

- A road trip that Ritchey and Raider took recently with K9 Mattis (and Sgt. Tappan of course!) to visit NASCAR Driver Kyle Weatherman. 

- What it looks like to work an off-duty shift as a police officer. 

- What Ritchey looks for while he’s out on patrol and how it informs his interactions with folks that have been pulled over. 

- When an officer should or should not be running someone’s history. 

- How the presence of a child can affect the way officers and civilians act during a situation. 

- Sniper shies away from being Raider’s Furry Friend of the episode. 

- The origins of badge numbers for the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety. 

- The sort of activities that K9 handlers could shift to after retirement.

- Some of the most frightening calls that an officer can hear while on duty.

You can follow Ritchey and Raider on Instagram @adps_k9_raider and find Caddy on Twitter @atlcadillac