Officer Ritchey, K9 Raider and Cadillac Jack are live from the studio on this episode of Caddy Wagon.

Here are a few things you’ll hear on the show: 

Introductions to Cadillac Jack, K9 Raider and Officer Phil Ritchey with the Alpharetta Police Department. 

A mic’d up Raider chomping away. 

The effects of other dogs on K9 Officers. 

What it means for an officer to wear plainclothes. 

A recent arrest that Ritchey and Raider made and the implications of the individual’s criminal history. 

What goes into a probable cause warrant and when exactly an officer can search an individual’s property. 

LIVE AUDIO from a traffic stop as Cadillac Jack rides along with Officer Ritchey and K9 Raider. 

Questions for K9 Raider, like how much she likes to play with “Civvy” dogs. 

The important question of whether or not Cadillac Jack could get away with murder. 

A recommendation to give a call to those you love. 

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