Alpharetta Police Officer Phil Ritchey, K9 Officer Raider and Cadillac Jack are back for another podcast from the Caddy Wagon.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll hear: 

On a traffic stop, Officer Ritchey is given a valuable heads up from the driver. (0:01)

Introductions to Officer Ritchey, K9 Raider and Cadillac Jack (1:46)

Halloween tips from Ritchey and Raider

The importance of recordkeeping during a Police K9’s training and deployment (10:42)

A shoplifter who stopped for gas in the middle of a high-speed chase (14:32)

Officer Ritchey gets a message about his work in the light of Race and Policing (17:33)

Corporal Kyle Briley and K9 Rio (@georgiapolicek9foundation) with the Statesboro Police Department call into the Wagon (23:40)

Caddy and Donna ask about making a citizen’s arrest (28:07)

Officer Ritchey and K9 Raider shed some light on what you can or can’t do in a citizen’s arrest. (31:07)

Officer Ritchey, K9 Raider and Cadillac Jack stop a vehicle speeding along GA. 400 (36:05)

Country Music’s Thomas Fountain (@tfountainmusic) and his dog Buddy call into the Wagon (39:46) 

K9 Raider’s popularity and her group of furry suitors (41:42)

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