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Opinion: Dunwoody people, places are special


The Perimeter business community sure is a special place. When we bought the Crier a couple years ago we heard from readers for months afterward telling us how special the newspaper was to them and how excited they were that new owners were coming in to protect and build on the success of their local community newspaper.

I learned quickly about the pride the people of Dunwoody take in their community and how important it was for us to continue to tell its stories each week in the latest edition of the Crier.

The Crier was and is a strong local newspaper, but like any forward-thinking publishing company is doing these days, we wanted to innovate and bring new and exciting features to the newspaper that would ensure that it stayed that way.

One such feature we wanted to add to Crier that we’d had some success with over the years with our Herald newspapers north of the river was an annual contest recognizing the best businesses in the area. We called it “Best of Perimeter” and over the course of two months we gave Perimeter residents the opportunity to nominate and then vote on the best businesses in the area in over 100 different categories.

We also went door to door, making sure that business owners knew about the contest and would have the opportunity to promote the voting window to their customers.

I made some of those visits myself and had the pleasure to meet some great people.

I talked to Charles at the Dunwoody Nature Center, Debbie at Stage Door Players, Alan over at the Spruill Center for the Arts, Celia at Travelfaire, and Dawn at Camp Run-A-Mutt. I stopped by local eateries, medical offices, retail shops and many more.

One central theme throughout my visits was how impressive, kind, and upbeat everyone I met was.

Mind you, all of them are still coping with the ravages a pandemic leaves on a business and the often sluggish recovery that follows.

But if the quality of the people and business owners I met, and the optimism I was greeted with are any indication, we’re going to be just fine, and 2021 is going to be a great year.

So, please take a moment to peruse the list of winners for this year’s Best of Perimeter contest. It is a list of businesses that any community would be proud to call their own.

And as always, shop local.