Beloved GET patrons,

I'm writing to give you the latest update on where we, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, are due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the continued uncertainty and the alarming rise in local COVID-19 case counts, we will be putting our live performances on hold, likely until the fall of 2021.

With the ongoing uncertainty about the disease’s trajectory, it has become apparent that there is no way we can safely present live performances in our proposed timeline of January through April 2021 as we had hoped. Currently we do not see a way to keep you, our actors, and our staff safe by carrying on with live productions as we wanted to. At the end of the day, our highest goal is to keep everyone safe.

Despite recent encouraging news about vaccines becoming available in the spring, the guidelines and regulations from government and health officials prevent us from moving forward in the beginning of the new year.

Theatres across the country are being affected by this issue, including Broadway theatres. I’m having weekly conversations with artistic directors from our area and around the U.S. to find out what they’re doing as we all try to make the best possible decisions for our audiences, artists and staff.

Our current plan is to start fresh with a 2021-22 season of live plays and musicals. We will continue to operate our classes online and in person when safe, and we’ll produce online programming. Our educational programs are going strong, with robust enrollments in fall and winter classes — some in-person and some virtual. Teachers continue to order our virtual plays to broadcast to their students.

We’ve embarked on a major online project, the Roswell Lives Community Digital Storytelling Project. And we’re even hosting small groups for our weekly BINGO Night on Wednesdays. Every activity that’s safe to engage in, we continue to pursue.

Even without live shows to produce income, we still have expenses to cover in order to be ready to produce again next year, and money is very tight. I am sorry to tell you that we have furloughed our artistic and production staff, including myself, for the time being. However, our education director will continue to run our conservatory classes and provide virtual programming for schools through next year. Some contracted artists, including those who teach classes for us, will continue to work under their contracts. Our Board of Trustees will continue its fundraising efforts so we can bring staff members back onto the payroll as soon as possible.

The good news is that we're not going anywhere! Our GET patrons’ seats are guaranteed and will still be theirs as soon as we get back to live productions. If you've already purchased subscriptions for 2020-21, they’re automatically credited to our next season in your regular seats. I plan to see you back in the theatre next fall.

While this is a situation that none of us hoped for, we have to adapt to the current reality. However, all of us at GET are confident that we will be back producing great entertainment for you at a later point next year, and I continue to work on planning and preparation for 2021-22.

Without the majority of our staff in place, it will take longer to respond if you reach out to us, but we will. The box office and phones will be closed, so the way to contact us is by emailing Please be patient if it takes us a little extra time to reply.

Stay safe. I miss you all!


Anita Farley,

Producing Artistic Director