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Letter to the Editor

Letter: Roswell leadership has poor record for openness

Having read Pat Fox’s original column, “The truth is out there - and it’s coming to Roswell,” one has to recognize that Mayor Henry’s Letter to the Editor in response is a face-saving effort in an election year.

Mr. Fox was dead on with his analysis that Mayor Henry was forced to recognize that the days of her executive power had waned, requiring her to “backstroke” following the city lawyer’s suggestion that to limit free speech was unadvisable. 

Opinion: The truth is out there — and it’s coming to Roswell

During this same “open mic” session a citizen made legitimate inquiries pertaining to the “Oxbo Road” debacle, and instead of taking the time to explain, as she did in her letter to the editor, Mayor Henry in her usual curt response to one sitting councilman terminated any discussion.

An unanticipated $2.3 million expenditure of taxpayers’ monies certainly has a group of citizens expecting more oversight of RDOT. And the promised Oxbo Road investigation that was to have been available by the end of last month now appears will be as untimely as the CPSM Gap Analysis of the Roswell Police Department that was five months overdue in 2018. That analysis came during Mayor Henry’s tenure when the RPD violated the Open Records Act that led to the lawsuit settlement in 2020 between the City and Pat Fox’s newspaper. Totally relevant to Mr. Fox’s original article.

Henry: Column was off base about Roswell mayor

Claiming that Roswell makes “getting information from the City as convenient as possible with online requests,” in my experience, is a gross misstatement. Even after being advised by the State Assistant Attorney General to respond to my open records request for information from the Roswell Police Department, it has languished since January 4, a direct violation by her police department of state law. Even with Mayor Henry’s public commitment to me during that same open mic meeting, I have yet to receive the information requested six months ago, nor has the RPD posted the case number for the third murder in Roswell this year at Hooligan’s Tavern on Holcomb Bridge Road on May 21.

Lee Fleck, Roswell