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Dan Sullivan, creator of The Strategic Coach Program, has coached legions of financial advisors and entrepreneurs, “helping the best to get better.” 

If you have lived in Dunwoody for a long time, you probably heard the story of how the community got its name. Major Archibald Alexander Dunwody, of the Dunwody family in Roswell, applied for a post office.

Uh-oh. It’s starting to get hot outside. The other day, in fact, it was downright toasty. I took the pup out for her midday walk, and for the first time this year I felt the unmistakable and unavoidable heat of the coming summer sun.

Into a world so loud, so arrogant and so hurried emerges something so simple and so reassuring. It has no political party, no agenda, no “read between the lines,” and for sure no strategic implications or competitive advantages.


“There’s one!”

We’re sitting in the den watching two different reality shows at the same time.

One is on the TV screen. It’s yet another here’s-what-happens-but-don’t-try-this-at-home kind of show.

Kathy Manos Penn

My husband is passionate about WW II history and holds veterans from that war in the highest esteem. As a VFW member, he was fortunate to meet and become friends with several WW II veterans, but they’ve all passed away now.


So, an old friend of mine just gave me a book. It looks good and is about one of my favored subjects — all the old rockers from way back in the ’60s and their stories.


A guest column from Angelika Kausche, State Representative for Georgia’s House District 50.


You hear a lot about greenways these days – and for good reason too.

Just what, exactly, is a greenway? Most dictionaries define greenways as linear, strip-like stretches of relatively undeveloped land which are there for recreation (mostly hiking and biking) or for environmental protection.

Kathy Manos Penn

When Mum read a story in the WSJ titled “What’s Fido thinking? Put down the phone already,” she shared it with me. It was about pet psychics who communicate with all kinds of animals, not just dogs.