FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — The Fulton County Commission got good news Feb. 17 with word the county continues to make gains against the deadly coronavirus.

Matthew Kallmyer, director at Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency, told commissioners that daily cases have dropped to below 200 and more than 200,000 vaccinations have been administered.

Although there are signs of improvement, the COVID-19 numbers are still at dangerous levels, Kallmyer said.

Commissioners agreed this is no time to relax.

“We still need to be very careful and stay safe for ourselves, our family and the community,” Commissioner Natalie Hall said.

Fulton County is leading the state in testing and vaccinations, with more than 1.5 million tests performed. The county makes up 23 percent of the total tests conducted in Georgia and provides a vaccine status dashboard for the public, with updates on first and second doses given, doses scheduled and people tested.

Fulton County’s vaccination plan contains a bulleted list of locations, staffing, reservation system and public information. Plans also include expanding capacity for more vaccinations at the North Fulton center at 4700 North Point Parkway in Alpharetta.

Fulton County Health Director Dr. Lynn Paxton said the county planned to vaccinate 200 senior center referrals last week and will expand to 630 this week. One of the main goals of the vaccination plan is effectively communicating to the public things such as vaccine phases, locations and strategies.

To help reach the public on COVID-19 updates and vaccinations, the county will produce an online system with vaccination information, as well as a call center for those who do not have access to a computer or internet. The online system is projected to launch at the end of February.

Until then, local health officials are issuing emails to keep the region updated.

Paxton said one of their struggles is dealing with those who are hesitant to receive the vaccine.

“There are many people holding back because they’re making sure friends and family wouldn’t grow a third arm after getting the vaccine,” Paxton said.

Fulton County is also working with groups in the region to reach the Hispanic population through Spanish language webinars, Paxton said. Fulton County is also cordinating with DeKalb County and the Mexican consulate to possibly host a joint vaccine event to reach the Latino community.

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