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Early voting for June 21 runoff now open

NORTH METRO ATLANTA — Early in-person voting for the June 21 primary runoff elections is now open across Georgia.

The runoff involves races in which no candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote against other candidates of their own party. Runoff winners will head to the general election in November to face their opposing party’s nominee in the Nov. 8 general election.

Absentee ballots can no longer be requested for the runoff. If you’ve already received or requested your absentee ballot, you have until polls close on Election Day to ensure your local elections board receives it.

Runoff races in the North Metro area include Republican contests for State House of Representatives Districts 24 and 50 and the Republican race for the District 7 U.S. House of Representatives seat. At the state level, the Democratic runoff will determine the party’s nominees for Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State.

When voting in the primary runoff, a voter must choose whether to vote on the Democratic, Republican or nonpartisan ticket. Georgia is an open primary state, meaning you can vote in any party’s primary regardless of your party registration.

Check your county’s website to find early voting locations and hours. To see who will be on your runoff ballot, you can check your Georgia My Voter Page at and view a sample ballot.

— Jake Drukman