Students from Cambridge High School are recognized by SkillsUSA for their mentoring program.

MILTON, Ga. — SkillsUSA has recognized Cambridge High School students for a new mentoring program.

The students from Cambridge High School developed a curriculum around “Skills for Adolescence” that included seven keys for success and seven dream killers that affect young people.

They mentored 120 Hopewell Middle School students to help prepare them for high school. 

First, the high schoolers and staff collaborated to develop a curriculum. The program was based on the SkillsUSA Framework Essential Elements of decision-making, planning, organizing, management and teamwork. The SkillsUSA Framework is the organization’s way of teaching and measuring career-readiness through student-led work around 17 identified essential skills that employers look for.

Next, the high school students developed the schedule with the administrators at the middle school and launched the program to teach the younger students “Seven Keys to Success” to help them flourish in their transition to high school and young adulthood. The seven keys included: taking responsibility; setting goals; prioritizing; maintaining a positive attitude; listing; learning to recharge your mental battery; and utilizing synergy.  

Alongside these “Seven Keys to Success,” the team also prepared the younger students for “Seven Dream Killers,” which included irresponsible use of social media; bullying; objectifying classmates; having unhealthy relationships; alcohol or drug abuse; disrespecting authority; and having unrealistic scholastic standards.

As the national Student2Student winner, the SkillsUSA chapter at Cambridge High School received a plaque and a $500 grant. Student2Student was established to allow SkillsUSA members to participate in the America’s Promise Alliance through mentoring.

Julia Grochowski is a Reporter with Appen Media Group and covers Roswell.

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