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Man senses scam in online repair call

MILTON, Ga. — A Milton reported an attempted fraud May 4 when his computer screen froze, and he was directed to call a number representing Microsoft support.

After dialing the number, he was connected to a women who first asked him for the name of the bank he held his accounts with. When the man provided the name of the bank, the woman then said she was directing his call to an official with the bank.

The person who came on the line then told the victim that there had been an attempt to withdraw $14,000 from his accounts early that morning. The fake bank official then directed the victim to visit his bank and withdraw the funds in cash and place the money in a tin box.

Sensing a scam, the victim hung up the phone, contacted his bank and ensured that all his accounts were frozen. He lost no money in the attempted fraud, but his computer remained inoperable.

He told police he would attempt to provide a screen shot of the solicitation and that he planned to have his computer cleared of malware by a professional.