Pitch, Hit & Run

The annual Pitch, Hit & Run competition was last held in Johns Creek in 2019. The contest, scheduled this Saturday at Ocee Park, allows boys and girls to test their skills in baseball and softball.

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Major League Baseball’s Pitch, Hit & Run competition will return to Ocee Park on Saturday, April 24 from 10 a.m. to noon.

Boys and girls from 7 to 14 will compete within their age groups in either the baseball or softball division to determine their skills in pitching, hitting and running.

Last year, the competition was cancelled due to the pandemic, but Recreation Manager Kirk Franz is looking forward to its return. 

“It’s a fun thing for us to put on for the community,” Franz said. “We have a strong baseball program here in Johns Creek so it’s just another way to help showcase our players and give them a chance to participate and hopefully advance to future rounds. It would be great if one day we had a Johns Creek baseball or softball player make it all the way to the Major League’s All-Star game and represent the city.”

The pitching competition measures accuracy by awarding points based on the number of throws out of six a participant gets in the “Strike Zone.”

Hits are judged on both distance and accuracy. Participants will get three swings to hit a ball from a tee aiming for center field. The farthest and straightest of their three attempts will be counted toward their overall score.

The running portion of the competition is a timed 120-yard sprint starting from second base, rounding third and finishing at home plate.

Participants who earn the best overall scores in each age group will proceed to the next round of competition.

Franz said he expects roughly 25 to 30 participants, and interested kids can register anytime up to the start of the competition at 10 a.m.

All competition equipment is provided, though kids are permitted to bring their own bats.

Franz and other Johns Creek staff will facilitate the event with the help of student volunteers.

Participants, volunteers and staff will take social distancing measures, wear masks and sanitize equipment.

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