Pinecrest Field

Crews work to convert Pinecrest Academy’s athletic field to turf. The new playing surface will present a cost savings to the school and could prevent cancellations of practices or the rescheduling of games due to rain. 

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Pinecrest Academy will join its fellow Forsyth County schools by converting its athletics field to turf this summer. Construction has started to install Deluxe Athletics turf for the school’s football, lacrosse and soccer programs. 

Pinecrest Athletic Director Chris Kane said the process began last spring when school officials and parents came together to brainstorm improvements for the academy’s athletic facilities. While a new fieldhouse and weight room made the list, turf was not considered. That is, until the school’s new headmaster, Edward Spurka, asked Kane to explore turf options. 

“After all the rain we had in the spring and fall and having to cancel practices and reschedule games, it was really almost divine intervention,” Kane laughed. 

After fundraising from parents and the community, providing a turf field is becoming a reality, and there are multiple benefits to the conversion. 

The first is financial. While turf has a larger initial cost, there is little maintenance compared to grass, which requires funds for mowing, lining the field, fertilization, and seeding. 

“With turf, it is nowhere near what we have been paying annually in maintenance,” Kane said. 

While cost savings are important, Kane said perhaps the biggest benefit to the school is a reduction in rescheduled games or cancelled practices due to rain. 

“Turf will significantly reduce cancellations, arranging makeup games and figuring out where we can practice,” Kane said. “We have had some real success with our spring sports, and we have had to move lacrosse and soccer playoff games off campus to other facilities because the field was too wet. Having turf will make things much easier on athletes, parents and the school.” 

The field is also used for Pinecrest’s PE classes, and for field days for the lower schools. 

“Any time we have had a threat of inclement weather, we were rescheduling those or having to move to the gym,” Kane said. “Field days usually occur right around the end of school, and we don’t want to ruin the field ahead of a playoff game.” 

The new surface can also help grow the Pinecrest community. 

“It will allow us to also open up our field to outside groups and the community and allow us to have more people on campus and grow the Pinecrest community,” he said. 

Kane was quick to thank the Pinecrest family for spearheading the new field. 

“We are so excited and proud of our community for making this happen, from our parents, our board, our leadership, coaches and the families of Pinecrest,” he said. “They all rallied around this, and I’m over the moon.”  

Joe Parker is an Editor with Appen Media Group and covers Milton, Forsyth County and high school sports.

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