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County officials break ground Nov. 17 on the Ga. 369 widening project that includes a new interchange at Ga. 400.

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Forsyth County officials broke ground on a traffic project that will widen Ga. 369 and create a new interchange at its intersection with Ga. 400.

The project will widen Ga. 369 from a two-lane road to a four-lane road, divided by a 20-foot raised median, from just west of Ga. 9 to slightly east of Ga. 306, approximately two miles. The project will also include sidewalk trails along both sides of Ga. 369. There will also be an added partial cloverleaf interchange at SR 369 and SR 400.

“The project will create an entirely new traffic pattern for all of north Forsyth that will have a positive ripple effect throughout the whole county,” District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills said. “Thank you to the voters of Forsyth County for making this project possible with the voter approved Transportation Bond as well as our partners at GDOT.”

The traffic signal intersection at Ga. 400 and Ga. 369 will be replaced by a grade-separated interchange that will become exit 18 off Ga. 400. A bridge will carry Ga. 369 traffic over Ga. 400.

Northbound drivers on Ga. 400 will use a cloverleaf to exit and will be funneled onto Ga. 369 to go west or go through an intersection with a traffic signal to travel east.

Traveling southbound on Ga. 400, drivers will use a cloverleaf to join Ga. 369 moving east. A separate off-ramp will lead to an intersection with a traffic signal for drivers joining Ga. 369 westbound.

Construction is expected to take 36 months with the upgrades going live late 2023.

The project was identified in the Forsyth County Major Transportation Plan of 2006. Funding for the intersection comes from the 2014 Forsyth County Transportation Bond, GDOT dollars and state grants. The transportation bond will fund the widening of Ga. 369.

Funding for the widening of Ga. 369 comes from the County Transportation Bond.

In September, Forsyth County Chief Financial Officer David Gruen said the projects had come in over budget by $12.2 million.

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