Forsyth administration building

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The Forsyth County Commission opted to hold off its vote on a sketch plat for a large office/warehouse complex slated for Francis Road at its meeting May 6. The vote was tabled until the board’s first meeting in June.

The sketch plat calls for 132,000-square feet of office/warehouse on 13.3 acres along Francis Circle between the Townes at BridgeHampton subdivision and the Walmart along Ga. 9.

Scott Evans with the Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce spoke in favor of the development, stating the county has a limited inventory of such spaces to meet demand.

A nearby resident said he was not opposed to the project but did take issue with a lack of buffers behind loading docks facing Francis Circle.

That issue will be addressed when the board takes a vote on the sketch plat at its June 3 meeting. Commissioner Todd Levent, who represents the area, also requested the developer adjust the plan to include a variance to allow for another access point for trucks to drive around the building and that landscaping be addressed within the updated plan.

Those factors spurred the board’s decision to postpone their vote to allow for the plan to be updated and for the amendment to be legally advertised.

West of that proposed development, commissioners approved an amendment to zoning conditions on the Traditions residential development along Ga. 9 near Fowler Park.

The area of the development in question was originally approved for 60 attached homes in 2019, according to an attorney representing applicants, Paces Battle Properties. Commissioners were pleased to sign off on the update plan, which now calls for 43 single-family, detached homes on the site. The homes would remain age-restricted.

“It’s reducing density, so obviously we’re for that,” Commissioner Levent said.

Levent added that the homes were originally slated to be age-restricted when first approved, and that other zoning amendments within the request clarify the location and materials of retaining walls.

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