DUNWOODY, Ga. — Police investigated a report of a man pulling his pistol on a married couple during an argument at a Shell gas station on Winters Chapel Road Jan. 23.

The male victim, 42, told officers he was inside the convenience store making a purchase when Daniel Marcove Murphy approached him and started the altercation. The store clerk told police Murphy confronted the victim for holding up the line, telling him he needed to speak better English.

The victim said Murphy, 49, followed him out of the store and continued to berate him outside. The victim’s wife, who was sitting in the couple’s van, got out to intervene. She said Murphy retrieved a small handgun from his pickup truck.

Police reviewed security cam footage that showed him point the gun it at the couple. At one stage of the encounter, he pointed it at the male victim’s head and threatened to kill him.

The arrest report indicated Murphy also struck one of the van’s windows with the butt of his gun, cracking the glass.

Murphy went back into the store to buy a case of beer after the exchange. The victims snapped a photo of his license plate before leaving. Murphy noticed them take the picture and chased them out of the parking lot on foot, the report noted.

Investigators used the image and surveillance video from the store to identify Murphy as the suspect. Police arrested him at his Sanlee Lane home in Dunwoody later in the evening. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, second-degree criminal damage to property and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

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