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Rotary Club of Dunwoody President Ardy Bastien introduces Mayor Lynn Deutsch at the club’s recent meeting.

DUNWOODY, Ga. — Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch last week gave the Rotary Club of Dunwoody an update on the impact of the pandemic on the city and upcoming changes and additions to opportunities to live, dine, work, shop and hike in the city today and in the years ahead.

DeKalb County apportioned Dunwoody $6 million in federal CARES Act funding. The mayor said the city allotted those funds to organizations that serve vulnerable populations, including the Community Assistance Center, I Care Atlanta, Inc., Malachi’s, mental health services, food supplies, and rent assistance. There has been 42 percent increase in demand for food and other assistance in the past year. 

Grants have gone to 80 businesses that have struggled because of the COVID pandemic.

Looking ahead, Deutsch said the city will celebrate its first rooftop dining opportunity, five chef-driven restaurants, a trail system that will run from Tucker to Cobb County, a Dunwoody Ambassador program with e-blasts on Fridays (DNEWS 22828), the Arts Festival to be held on Mother’s Day at Brook Run Park with Rotary assistance, and a new park at the city-owned Austin property. 

The mayor shared good news on the city’s financial front. Revenue through the pandemic has been stable, although money from the city’s hotel-motel tax has been cut in half. However, bookings appear to be on the upswing, because one hotel was recently booked to capacity.

Deutsch said it appears the virus is plateauing, and Mercedes Benz is the site of 6,000 vaccinations daily. Dunwoody, she said, is also partnering with other cities to help them find resources for vaccines.

Duetsch said much of the credit for Dunwoody’s weathering the story has been the camaraderie shared on the City Council. She also said residents showed their community spirit with the purchase of $50,000 in gift cards in response to those impacted by the terrible fire during the Christmas holidays.

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