DUNWOODY, Ga. — The Dunwoody City Council is expected this week to consider a proposed text amendment to its zoning code that will reduce the minimum land area required for a planned development from 5 acres to 1 acre.

In a memo to the council, Dunwoody Planning and Zoning Manager Paul Leonhardt said that the change “addresses a shortcoming of the Dunwoody Zoning Ordinance.”

“Currently, when a developer asks for a rezoning, the city provides a variety of conditions — one of which typically requires following an approved site plan,” the memo said. “However, due to the length and specificity of the Zoning Ordinance, most current development requires one or more variances. This can lead to the situation where the Planning Commission and the City Council approve a development to a certain standard, yet the Zoning Board of Appeals will make the final decision whether the project can be constructed.”

The council discussed the amended standards at its April 12 meeting on first reading and expressed interest in excluding single-family neighborhoods from the lowered minimum land requirement, as well as several specific areas, including three residential subdivisions along Womack Road between the Marcus Jewish Community Center and the Georgia State Perimeter Center campus.

The Dunwoody Planning Commission at its March 9 meeting recommended passage by a vote of 6-1 but amended the land reduction from 5 acres to 1.5 acres. The commission also recommended allowing up to three deferrals when considering rezoning proposals to a planned development district.

In other business, the council is set to:

  • Consider funding $60,000 for storm water repairs at 4844 Dunwoody Station Drive to fix a sinkhole and repair pipes that have been damaged by tree roots.
  • Sign a partnership agreement with the City of Doraville to fund a mobile COVID-19 vaccination site that will administer shots in both cities.
  • Accept a donation from Dunwoody Senior Baseball for windscreens that will be installed around both fields.
  • Discuss a proposal to waive late fees and penalties for occupational taxes and business licenses received after April 15. 

Cathy covers local government and community news for the Dunwoody area.

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