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Certified Bob Ross instructor teaches local painting classes

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DUNWOODY, Ga. —Experiencing somewhat of a pop cultural resurgence, iconic painter and television personality Bob Ross and his legacy continue to reach new generations long after his passing. Jeremy Rogers, a certified Bob Ross instructor, is teaching a series of Ross-inspired outdoor painting classes at Brook Run Park starting on June 19 with five more slated for the summer. The classes, “Paint Like a Ross!”, will teach experienced painters and newcomers alike how to create their own landscape paintings using Ross’ teaching methods. Rogers is excited for people to attend in the hopes of proving that “anyone can paint, even if you’ve never picked up a brush.”

With a passion for art since he was a child, at age 17, Rogers discovered Ross’ acclaimed television show, “The Joy of Painting!” He made the transition from drawing to painting after realizing he could complete a painting in a few hours using his techniques. He began taking advanced placement art courses at Dunwoody High School where he garnered the confidence to teach Ross’ style after losing interest in pursuing a college art major. Rogers then discovered the Bob Ross instructor certification program in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

“After I completed the program, I thought that teaching would continue to make me a better artist and I wanted to push myself to get more comfortable talking in front of groups,” Rogers said. “Once I started teaching, I found that spreading the joy of painting also made me happy…In fact, I have a lot of fun engaging with the students because most people interested in Bob’s style of art are fun people.”

Rogers was also taught by Bob’s son, Steve Ross. Last year, he traveled with a select group of Bob Ross Inc. instructors to teach master classes at the opening of the Bob Ross Museum in Muncie, Indiana and at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History when several of Ross’ original paintings were donated.

“Bob’s legacy has spread way beyond just his paintings,” Rogers said. “Bob’s ability to captivate those watching into believing that anything is possible with a little practice encourages many people to pursue their dreams, even if it’s not painting. His greatest legacy is the kindness that he spread to everyone who watched his show. He not only taught us to paint; he taught us through his wise metaphors how to live a fulfilling life.”

Attendees can expect to complete a landscape painting of their own at any level of experience. Rogers makes it easy for those who attend, providing all necessary materials and doing all clean-up work afterwards. To guarantee the best results, he brings his own high-quality canvases, brushes, and paints.

“Many of my students have never even picked up a paintbrush and some have tried to paint along to reruns of Bob’s PBS show but have limited results,” Rogers said. “Having an instructor in person helps a student come away extremely satisfied with what they create. I always get feedback that the classes are fun and encouraging … That’s what keeps me hooked on teaching the Bob Ross method.”

Although his introductory class on June 19 has already sold out, Rogers will hold more classes in the park on July 17 and 20 along with August 21 and 24. To register for one of his upcoming classes, visit the City of Dunwoody’s website or Rogers’ Facebook page.

“I’m glad Jeremy discovered [Ross] because when I watch him teach a Bob Ross class, he really comes alive,” said Sherri Rogers, Jeremy’s mother and assistant. “I can tell he is doing something he truly loves, and the students also pick up on that and get inspired to tap into their own creativity.”

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