ROSWELL, Ga. — Roswell Boy Scouts Troop 432 will make history again as one of their own has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

The all-girls troop was founded in February 2019, following the decision overturning restrictions preventing girls from joining the organization and forming their own troops.

In mid-2018, the Boy Scouts program was renamed Scouts BSA.

On Jan. 11, Zoe Rosenberg became the first girl in Roswell to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest attainable in the BSA Scouts program. Earning the rank took the Roswell senior one year and eleven months.

“A big reason I wanted to earn Eagle Scout was to be a trailblazer, to set the example for all the girls who are going to come behind me,” Rosenberg said. “I really want to just be that person that people could look at my paperwork and go to my project and see how I did it, so they can get ideas and spark their mind.”

Her troop started with six girls and has grown to more than 20 members in less than two years. Another member is weeks away from earning her Eagle Scout rank.

Girls have only been eligible to become Eagle Scouts since Oct. 2020. Any girl who earns the rank prior to Feb. 8, 2021 will be recognized as part of the official Inaugural Class. Feb. 8 is recognized as National Scout Day and the 111th anniversary of BSA’s founding.

The path to Eagle Scout is guided by community service and the betterment of the environment. Requirements include completing 21 merit badges and a large service project.

Thirteen of the badges are tailored to the unique challenges of earning this rank.

Rosenberg completed badges related to leadership, communications and first aid.

Her favorite was the music merit badge which she earned playing guitar. The badge carried additional requirements to analyze music composition and artists.  

Through her service project, Zoe improved a prayer path at Temple Beth Tikvah, a synagogue in Roswell.

After fundraising, obtaining approval from district leadership and rallying volunteers, the path was upgraded with mulch, stairs and a retaining wall. Hanging tree limbs were removed and the path was leveled.

The Rosenberg family is well-versed in scouting. Zoe’s father, Tony, was involved in scouting in his youth. Her brother also earned Eagle Scout rank.

“To have the opportunities to learn leadership and citizenship and to have the same opportunities that her brother had, to have that available for my daughter I was very excited,” Tony Rosenberg said. “I am very proud of her (and this) huge accomplishment.”

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