Alpharetta Library

The Alpharetta Library is located at 10 Park Plaza in downtown Alpharetta's City Center. 

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Library Giving Day started as an idea generated by the Seattle Public Library Foundation and its fundraising partner Carl Bloom Associates.

The goal of the event is to encourage people who “depend on and enjoy public libraries to donate to their individual library system.”

Interim Executive Director of Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Foundation Peter Pearson said the campaign involved a collection of library foundations that came together to discuss successful fundraising strategies.

With that, Library Giving Day was born.

This year’s event will take place on April 7. Pearson said fundraising events like Library Giving Day became essential after the 2008 recession and libraries received less government funding.

The recession resulted in people turning to the public libraries for free internet. Nearly 20 percent of households do not have internet, Pearson said.

Libraries appeal to a large demographic, Pearson said, and whether it be a safe place to visit or a building with access to internet, they provide something for everybody.

People are using public libraries tremendously, Pearson said.

With the donations, the Public Library Foundation can create and sustain programs available for all ages. The foundations typically start reaching out to previous donors and the community in advance, to let them know that Library Giving Day is approaching.

The public library system hosts fundraisers throughout the year, and this will be their first of the year. Pearson said they have a target goal each year of money to raise, and they are optimistic for 2021.

To learn more and to support Library Giving Day, visit

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