ALPHARETTA, Ga. - An Atlanta developer plans to build a high-end athletic training facility in Alpharetta’s Northwinds District that he says will attract top professional and aspiring athletes from across the country.

Lux Atlanta won City Council approval July 9 for an athletic training campus on five acres near Kimball Bridge Road and Northwinds Parkway. The facility would border the southern leg of the Alpha Loop.

Brandon Wheeless, CEO and developer for Lux Atlanta, told the City Council he wants to build a facility that can train, rehabilitate and care for aspiring professional athletes in a setting that invites commitment with unique landscaping and amenities.

After a seven-year stint in the military which took him to all parts of the globe, Wheeless said he struck out to begin his own business, an enterprise that would marry athletics with the beautiful landscaped settings he toured in the East.

His vision, Lux on the Alpha Loop, would include a 40,000 square-foot gymnasium, 20,000-square-foot-building with medical offices, 12,800 square feet of free-standing restaurants, a 60-room boutique hotel and below-grade parking structure.

Wheeless said Georgia ranks No. 3 in the nation in the number of professional athletes it turns out. Many of those athletes live in North Fulton, he said.

The City Council, which needed to approve the site for the special uses, gave enthusiastic support for the plan.

“I congratulate you for being ambitious and going for something like this,” Mayor Jim Gilvin said, adding that he would encourage Wheeless to explore a scholarship program for young, local athletes to use the facilities.

“I would encourage you to reach out to some in the community who might not otherwise be able to achieve pro status without these types of facilities,” Gilvin said.

The only sticking point raised among council members was whether the final site plan should be approved by the city planning staff or by the Design Review Board. With Councilman John Hipes absent, the members were evenly split on the issue.

Ultimately, the City Council voted unanimously to have both groups sign off on the final plans before permits were issued.

Following the presentation, Wheeless spoke about bringing his dream to Alpharetta.

“I’m world traveled,” he said. “I’ve been around the world. I’ve seen beautiful developments, and I’m looking to take aspects that I’ve seen in Singapore and China and bring them here to the U.S. and put them in a development – exquisite architecture, exquisite landscaping. We want people to step on our property and just be amazed and want to be there.”

In addition to the clientele, Wheeless said Alpharetta offers many other intangibles that make an ideal location for his development.

“Alpharetta is suited for us because of the people,” he said. “It’s a fantastic community, fantastic leadership. If you take the clientele we’re looking to house and have these amenities for, a lot of them are local. Then, with the swing of development here in Alpharetta, it makes it ideal to be up here.”

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