Snickers the dog

Snickers the dog resting comfortably on a sidewalk in the Crabapple area. 

ROSWELL, Ga. — Snickers the dog was first spotted in the Roswell area around July 7 and the community has sought to satisfy him ever since.

Postings about the injured pup on Nextdoor and Facebook garnered hundreds of reactions and comments throughout the week.

Roswell residents discovered the dog was frequenting the area near the Ameris Bank, and for a few days, several self-proclaimed dog-lovers attempted to befriend, feed and identify the skittish Snickers including Julia Delay.

“My husband and I decided to go up to the bank and see if we could get close to him,” Delay said. “We were there for probably two hours that night just slowly, slowly getting closer to him.”

That was when she was able to see the name “Snickers” written in marker on the collar. She also noted a phone number, but it was illegible.

For days, the dog evaded leashes, “bolting” from anyone who attempted to get too close. Posts on social media tracked the stray’s movements through backyards and across major intersections.

“We were worried about seeing him on the side of the road,” Delay said. Snickers had been seen favoring one of his front paws and was thus even more at risk for injury on the roadways.

On July 11, Courtney Willbanks, 12, with the help of her neighbor, was finally able to catch the elusive Snickers. She had attempted to follow him the previous night, but he kept running away and into the surrounding woods.

The next day, Willbanks and a neighbor had seen the stray venture toward the pool and tennis court area of their neighborhood. She waited inside the fence, and Snickers ended up walking to the tennis courts himself.

She instructed her neighbor to close the gate and the jig was up. Fulton County Animal Services arrived on the scene less than an hour later and, after trying to evade the collar, Snickers eventually made his way into the van.

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The whole operation went smoothly.

“It wasn’t like a scary movie,” Willbanks said. “He was so nice and calm and let us watch [Snickers] get loaded into the truck, and you could just see how Snickers relaxed when he got in the back of the truck because he felt the air conditioning and they gave him food.”

Snickers was then taken to the Fulton County Animal Shelter. He underwent surgery to repair his injured paw on July 15 and was said to be “bright, alert and awake,” by Pet Adoption Counselor Eliza Adams following the procedure.

After undergoing surgery, which repaired his injured right paw, inserted a microchip and neutered him, and receiving his rabies shot, Snickers was considered a “green card dog.”

Adams said that Snickers’ owner would have until July 18 to claim him before he was adopted into another home, but his original owner was not located. Snickers did not have a tracking chip and the phone number on the collar was too scratched to be read.

Snickers was adopted on the evening of July 15 and is doing well, according to the shelter.

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