retention pond

ROSWELL, Ga. — The City of Roswell has announced work will begin soon to repair and upgrade the water detention pond behind City Hall.

As part of a wider program of city-owned stormwater detention/retention facility maintenance, the Environmental/Public Works Department will clear out sediment, brush and trees that have grown in the detention pond.

Roswell Stormwater Utility Manager Adam Lyon said the work will restore and expand the capacity of the pond.

“That pond is in very poor condition and needs maintenance,” Lyon said.

The detention pond serves City Hall and surrounding properties by holding runoff water for 36-48 hours after a storm event and allows it to drain off slowly into nearby streams, limiting soil erosion.

As part of the maintenance, silt and debris that have accumulated in the pond will be removed requiring the removal of approximately 50 trees. In addition to cleaning, Lyon said the project will expand the pond’s capacity, allowing it to support a wider area with water runoff.

A contract was recently signed with the Dickerson Group Inc. for $768,471.50 to complete the project, which is expected to take 90 days to complete after work begins.

For questions or concerns about the pond expansion project, contact Adam Lyon at 770-401-8349.

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