Hamilton Hotel Alpharetta

The Hamilton Hotel intends to add to the diversity of Alpharetta and also provide a staycation for locals.

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Moments before the crimson ribbon was cut on the patio space of The Hamilton Hotel, officials behind the project shared their optimism for the future of Alpharetta.

Throughout the four-year stretch from planning to completion, civic leaders, developers and hotel officials kept their eyes on the vision that would bring something special to downtown Alpharetta.

Jason Joseph, managing director and partner of Mayfair Street Partners, expressed his appreciation to the city, Alpharetta Community Development Director Kathi Cook and everyone in attendance for making The Hamilton come to fruition.

“Everybody that’s here today had something to do with this hotel,” Joseph said. “In however small or big, you had something to do with [The Hamilton Hotel].”

With its upscale, historically modern touch and unique focus on an era long past, The Hamilton is like few other hotels in the area.

Hamilton Hotel adds luxury, entertainment to Alpharetta’s downtown

Not only does it provide luxurious rooms, but on the ground floor is the Roaring Social — a 1920s speakeasy with duckpin bowling, and a wine and whiskey room. To get into the speakeasy, one must provide a code and that will change daily.

The speakeasy was designed by Neal Freeman, CEO of Competitive Social Ventures.

The Hamilton stands four stories, anchoring the corner of Main Street and Milton Avenue. It contains 119 rooms with three family suites that provide a two-bedroom space.

The managing partner for The Hamilton is Hotel Equities, and the boutique inn is one of 30 operating in Alpharetta. The hotel is Curio Collection by Hilton, an upscale brand that is only available in select locations around the world.

Brad Rahinsky, president and CEO of Hotel Equities, said hotels are special buildings and they are an integral part to the success of a city.

“If a hotel is done right, it’s not just four walls and a roof,” Rahinsky said. “If it’s done right, it has a soul, it has a culture, it has a heartbeat.”

He said he thinks the hotel will provide a heartbeat for the city for the next 100 years.

“[Hotels are] a place where folks get together to do life, to do businesses, to create commerce, to make a city better, more vibrant and dynamic,” he said. “That’s precisely what this hotel is designed to do.”

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