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Alpharetta to weigh formal challenge to candidate’s eligibility

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ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The City of Alpharetta will hold a hearing Sept. 13 to consider a formal challenge to the qualifications of local Realtor Donna Murphy who is running for City Council.

Murphy is challenging longtime Councilman Donald Mitchell for the Post 1 seat in this year’s municipal election, Nov. 2.

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The challenge was filed with the City Clerk’s Office Aug. 31 by Alpharetta resident Clifford Martin who has run for seats on the council twice in the past five years.

The challenge alleges that Murphy has in prior years and continues to claim a homestead exemption on a 3,324-square-foot home in the Polo Fields subdivision of Forsyth County.

In her qualification papers filed with the city, Murphy listed an apartment on Commerce Street in Alpharetta as her residence. The affidavit also states that she has been a legal resident of Fulton County for two years.

Under terms of the Alpharetta code, “no person shall be eligible to serve unless that person shall have been a resident of the City of Alpharetta for six months prior to the date of the election, shall continue to reside in the City during the member's period of service and shall be registered and qualified to vote in municipal elections of the City.”

The hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

— Patrick Fox

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John Monson

This is typical local politics and I had thought well below an incumbent public servant .

The rule says “candidate must live in Alpharetta for no less than six months prior to qualification” (period)

This candidate has several properties (as do many Alpharettans) and she chooses to file her homestead exemption with the property in Cumming. She has lived in Alpheretta for a couple years and can/will easily prove this. Don has gotten a political pawn to file this complaint that he knows has no merit…but then, that’s not the point. You’ve lost my respect and my vote, buddy.


I was present yesterday and it saddened me to listen to this debate. Ethics is there for a reason! If you wish to serve your community step up and be in the same rank as the tax payers you are serving. None of her properties are in Alpharetta. Why would someone need a studio rental apartment less than 14 miles away from their primary residence for over two years? She and her husband signed a homestead exemption in Forsyth County. By the State of Georgia law she is unable to legally vote in Fulton county. My vote is for Donald Mitchell; a tax paying public servant, who has served our community for over 20 years.

John Monson

In spite of political pawn efforts, AJC reports, “City Clerk says Alpharetta candidate is a qualified resident”. Just as expected.

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